Video Transcript - Section 2 Introduction (DOC)


This Section of the Provider Toolkit will help you understand:

  • how to use the Provider Readiness Checklist (PDF) (DOC)
  • what participants want from the NDIS
  • what services or supports can be delivered under the NDIS
  • how to find out when the NDIS is coming to your area
  • how to build your organisation's capacity to get ready for the NDIS
  • what the key registration requirements are
  • where to find the Quality and Safeguard requirements that will apply in your state or territory
  • how NDIS pricing and payment arrangements work
  • what is involved in becoming a registered NDIS provider.

It's a lot of information, but all important to understand before you start the registration process.

The Provider Readiness Checklist (PDF) (DOC) will help you work through this Section one step at a time.

For a more detailed guide on what you need to do before you register, check out the Provider eLearning Activity #2

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Download Section 2 as a document here (PDF) (DOC). 

Last modified 5/07/2019