2.1 Provider Readiness Checklist

To assist individuals and organisations interested in becoming an NDIS registered provider of services and supports to NDIS participants, the NDIA has developed a Provider Readiness Checklist (PDF) (DOC).

Use this checklist as a self-assessment tool to determine if you and/or your organisation is ready to apply for registration with the NDIA or NDIS Commission.

This Provider Readiness Checklist will help you understand what is involved in becoming a registered provider and the various steps required prior to starting the registration process. It is recommended that you print off a copy of the Readiness Checklist and refer to it as you read through this section of the Provider Toolkit.

When you have completed each criteria you are ready to apply.

  Criteria Where do I find the relevant information?

Do I have a basic understanding of the goals of the NDIS and the role of a provider?

Read Section 1 of the Provider Toolkit.


Do I understand the benefits of being a registered provider?

See Section 1.3.1 – The benefits of being a registered provider

All organisations are encouraged to register with the NDIS. However, it is only mandatory if you want to provide supports to NDIS managed participants, or provide Plan Management services.

See Quarterly Reports about the proportion of participants who are Agency-managed, Plan Management provider managed or self-managing.


Do I understand what NDIS participants want and need from me/my organisation?

See Section 2.2 – Understand what participants want from the NDIS

Undertake your own localised market research.

Read NDIS Market Approach: Statement of Opportunity and Intent on the NDIS website.

Visit the NDIS Market Information and Useful Links webpage.


Do I provide services and supports that are covered under the NDIS?

See Section 2.3 – What services or supports can be delivered under the NDIS?


Is the NDIS operating (or about to start operating) in my organisation’s service area?

See Section 2.4 – When is the NDIS coming to my area?

Visit NDIS homepage – ‘The NDIS in your area’ tile provides searchable maps to see current areas covered and staged rollout plans for 2016- 2019


Can I meet the various formal requirements for becoming a registered provider, such as:

  • NDIA ‘Terms of Business'
  • Additional ‘Terms of Business’ for Specialist Disability Accommodation providers
  • Professional qualifications and membership of a relevant professional body
  • NDIS Quality and Safeguards Working Arrangements in the Guide to Suitability

See Section 2.6 Key registration requirements, specifically:

See Guide to Suitability in Section 2.7 – this will explain the professional qualifications required and the relevant quality and safeguards working arrangements in each state/territory


Do I know how much I will get paid, and how I get paid, for the services I want to provide?

See Section 2.8 – NDIS pricing and payment

A downloadable Provider Readiness Checklist is available here (PDF) (DOC)

Last modified 29/01/2019