2.2 Understand what participants want from the NDIS

To be an effective provider, you must take actions to understand:

  • what participants want from the NDIS
  • what they will be looking for from the various providers in the market
  • the journey participants will be undertaking once they have an NDIS plan.

There are some resources to help you begin to explore what participants want and these are found on the NDIS Market Information webpage.

It is also essential that you undertake your own market research to determine whether the types of services and supports you provide are ones that will be relevant for NDIS participants, and can be delivered in the areas where participants are located.

Participants will be looking for providers that can help them meet the objectives in their individualised plan developed at the start of their NDIS journey, or reviewed at 12 monthly intervals (or more regularly if required).  Every participant is different but in general they will be looking for providers that can demonstrate:

  • expertise and experience in delivering the services, support or products the participant requires
  • capacity to meet their individual/specific circumstances and needs
  • value for money
  • ease of access (location and proximity to their home or place of work).

Your role as a provider is to meet these various needs, and ensure that participants are able to exercise true ‘choice and control’ in their selection.  

Section 1.2.1 of the Provider Toolkit provides details on where you can find information about the key stages in a participant journey after they are have an NDIS plan.

The NDIS has also developed numerous resources for participants, but the most useful one for providers to read is My NDIS pathway.

It's important for you as a provider to understand how a participant will be managing the funds they receive from the NDIS - you can read a fact sheet written for providers on How participants manage their funding package (PDF) (DOC).

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Last modified 15/05/2018