2.9 Becoming a registered provider

You are ready to start the provider registration process once you have:

  • decided to become a registered provider under the NDIS
  • understood what services and supports are able to be delivered under the NDIS (as outlined in Section 2.3)
  • met all the criteria outlined in the Provider Readiness Checklist (as outlined in Section 2.1).

The nominated ‘Primary Contact’ for your business or organisation will need to follow the steps in Section 3 of the Provider Toolkit.  

Once you have submitted all required information, the NDIS Commission (for providers in all states and territories except WA) or NDIA (for providers in WA) will assess your application. If further information is required, you will be notified. If you don’t supply this information your application will not progress and/or will be rejected.

If your registration is successful, you will be sent a ‘Certificate of Registration'.

If your registration is not successful, you will be advised of the reasons and given the opportunity to re-apply.

For providers registering in all states and territories except NSW and SA, if you have not passed the state or territory Quality and Safeguards requirements, or have not provided evidence that you have, your registration will only be processed to the ‘pending state approval’ stage. Once you provide evidence that you have complied with the state or territory requirements, your application can continue to be processed.

Once you have received the 'Certificate of Registration' you can start marketing your services in accordance with the Terms of Business, and engaging with NDIS participants to understand their goals, preferences and objectives.

See Section 4 and Section 5 of the Provider Toolkit for more information on 'how to connect with participants' and 'how to work with NDIS participants' most effectively.

Last modified 2/07/2019