3.4 Managing your registration


3.4.1 Changes to organisation structure

In accordance with the Declaration of Suitability, which providers sign during the registration process, Registered Providers are required to inform the NDIA as soon as possible of any matter that may affect their registration. For example, if your organisation or business structure changes, you should inform the NDIA at the earliest opportunity by emailing us at provider.registration [at] ndis.gov.au (Provider Registration).

This will ensure we can discuss with you an responsibilities you may be required to undertake to ensure there is no significant impact on your provider registration status.

3.4.2 Change of Australian Business Number

The NDIS Act and Rules stipulate the NDIA registers a provider against a valid Australian Business Number (ABN). Therefore if the ABN associated with your provider registration changes or is cancelled, you need to tell us as soon as you can.

If your ABN is changing, the NDIA can work with you to determine if this can be updated on your provider record. The NDIA will need information from you about your new organisation including ABN, organisation structure, legal and trading names, and the date of effect of the new ABN. You can provide these details to us by emailing us at provider.registration [at] ndis.gov.au (Provider Registration).    

If your ABN is cancelled, you may no longer be able to maintain your status as a registered provider. You should contact us as soon as possible if your ABN is cancelled to discuss your status as a registered provider. If you have cancelled your ABN you should also consider voluntarily revoking your provider registration. More information on voluntary revocation can be found below at 3.4.3 Voluntary Revocation.

If you are approved for specialist registration groups you will also need to ensure your new organisation continues to meet the applicable Commonwealth, state or territory quality and safeguards requirements approved under your former ABN.

It is important any approvals and supporting evidence be updated in the legal entity name and ABN of your news organisation. The NDIA will not be able to process your application if the supplied information is in the name and ABN of your previous organisation.

3.4.3 Voluntary Revocation

If a person or entity currently registered as a Registered Provider notifies the NDIA it no longer wishes to be approved as a Registered Provider, the NDIA may revoke the approval of this person or entity on the basis the organisation no longer meets the approval criteria for being a Registered Provider.

Further information about the process and relevant forms regarding voluntary revocation are located on the NDIS website.


Last modified 29/03/2018