4.1 Promoting my services via myplace

4.1.1 The Provider Finder

The Provider Finder tool, available in the myplace provider and participant portals, gives both providers and participants the ability to search for providers by name, location, and service or professional group. The Provider Finder displays the provider location on a map (unless the provider has opted to have their address suppressed). The map also has a zoom in and out function to help participants easily see provider locations.

To make sure that participants can find providers in the Provider Finder it is important that all of your details are kept up-to-date with the NDIS Commission for all states and territories except WA, or in your myplace 'Profile' for WA. Some providers deliver supports from different locations and the Provider Finder has the ability to display this information using the ‘Outlet detail’ function. The more information that providers include about services and their business in the outlet details screen, the more they increase the likelihood of being found through the Provider Finder.

This tool is being constantly improved and updated. More information on how to update your details and outlets can be found on the NDIS Commission website for all states and territories except WA, and in the myplace provider portal step-by-step guide (PDF) (DOC) for providers in WA.

4.1.2 Provider lists

Provider lists are published quarterly on the NDIS website and available for anyone who does not use the myplace portal.

People can search for providers by name, location and registration group. The information on these provider lists is also based on a provider’s ‘Profile’ in the myplace portal and the details stored with the NDIS Commission. So it’s important that providers keep this information regularly updated.


Last modified 18/09/2019