4.3 Marketing your services

Participants may choose to search for providers via other means, without using myplace, in much the same way as they may seek any other goods or services outside of the NDIS. This includes via the internet, word-of-mouth, advertising, social media and marketing, or via other brokers and markets which may emerge under the NDIS.

The Terms of Business outline how providers can promote their association with the NDIS (in the section ‘Identification as a NDIS Scheme provider and use of the NDIS logo’). When you market your services, be aware that the NDIS logo is a Commonwealth Government Trademark and it cannot be used or adapted.

Registered service providers can use the 'I heart NDIS' and 'I Support NDIS' logos as well as the 'Registered NDIS Provider' tagline.

More information and copies of the 'I heart NDIS' and 'I Support NDIS' logos can be found on the NDIS 'Use of Logo' webpage.

Last modified 9/11/2017