5.2 Service Bookings

A Service Booking is the way a participant engages with their chosen provider(s) online. The Service Booking is created based on the items that have been specified in the Service Agreement and includes the details of the specific service or support to be provided.


The Service Booking nominates the type of support, dates and funding to be allocated to a provider. There may be multiple Service Bookings for each type of service within a plan.

Instructions on how to make a Service Booking in the myplace provider portal are available in the service bookings step by step pages of the Provider Toolkit.

For further detail on how to make a Service Booking in myplace, refer to the Using the myplace provider portal step by step guide (PDF) (DOC).

The myplace provider portal allows Service Bookings to be created between the participant and their provider. This ensures that both parties are aware of the requirements for service, the length of time the service is required for, and that the participant will be able to pay for the service.

5.2.1 Create a Service Booking

Some key points about the Service Booking creation process:​

  • A Service Booking must be created before service delivery to the participant commences

  • A participant will create a Service Booking for each provider they have chosen to deliver their supports. The allocated funds will be ‘locked’ to the chosen provider(s) for the life of the Service Booking

  • Online notifications are created when the participant initiates a Service Booking with the selected provider. Likewise, when a provider creates a Service Booking with the participant, the system will automatically send an online notification to the participant (or their nominee/ representative)

  • The Provider must be registered to provide the item or items in the Support Category

  • A Service Booking can be created by the participant, their nominee, a plan management provider acting on their behalf, or a provider

  • Service Bookings are created at the support category level, rather than the line item – this allows for flexibility across the support categories. The exception is within core supports, where a Service Booking may be created across the entire budget, inclusive of daily supports, transport, consumables and community and social activities. Capital and capacity building supports are claimed at the identified support category level

  • NOTE: The Service Booking must be approved by both the provider and the participant (or their nominee or a plan management provider acting on the participant’s behalf).

5.2.2  Change a Service Booking 

A Service Booking can only be changed as follows:​

  • If the end date of the Service Booking is not past, it can be extended but not beyond the end date of the participant plan.

  • Providers cannot create/change Service Bookings retrospectively.

  • Where a Service Booking is changed, both the participant and provider must agree to the requested change of the Service Booking.

  • The budget available against a category/item can be increased with the assistance of the NDIA (assuming budget remains available to do so). This can occur whether the Service Booking has ended or not.

5.2.3 Cancel or close a Service Booking

  • When a Service Booking has not been approved after 21 days, the system will automatically reject the Service Booking with the reason “No Action after 21 days (Auto)”

  • When a participant’s Plan ends, so do all Service Bookings. Service Bookings are only created for dates within the Plan

  • The Service Booking may be with cancelled with 14 days’ notice

  • At the time the Service Booking is cancelled any unspent funds attached to the Service Booking will be returned back to the available support category balance. This ensures that providers can continue to claim for services provided, but the participant can utilise the unspent funds in a new Service Booking.

5.2.4  Plan Manager managed Service Bookings

  • Where the participant has a Plan Manager, two Service Bookings will be created: one for the Plan Manager to claim the supports they have delivered to the participant; the second for all services the Plan Manager arranged supports for.

  • Where a Plan Manager has already been appointed for a participant, the participant will not be required to approve Plan-Management agreements submitted by the provider.

5.2.5  In-Kind Supports and Service Bookings

  • Supports which are in-kind will not be included in the Service Booking. 

5.2.6  Allocation of funding in plan budgets

  • A Service Booking may contain all, or a portion, of the allocated funds attributed to the support category.

  • A Service Booking cannot be made for more than the value of the budget allocated to the plan.

5.2.7  Multiple service providers

  • More than two providers may have a Service Booking for the same support category. For example, where 30 hours of individual support is allocated in the participant’s plan, the participant may choose to split the allocation of these resources across multiple providers. This could allow for one provider to deliver supports on a weekend, assisting with social and recreational events, and another during the week to support in-home and employment outcomes.

Last modified 8/10/2019