• Claire’s story

    At first Claire wasn’t sure how the new payment arrangements would work, but a few months in, her favourite thing about the NDIS is how quickly the payments are processed using the myplace Provider Portal. She and Dave have worked out an easy system to make sure they have all the information needed to submit payment requests in the myplace Provider Portal.

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  • Clive's story

    Mohammed is a NDIA managed participant, which means that Clive submits his payment requests for services to Mohammed through the myplace Provider Portal and they are paid through the NDIS. 

    Initially, Clive submits a new payment request for Mohammed every week because he cleans Mohammed’s house each week. He finds this time consuming especially since he is used to invoicing monthly for his commercial cleaning contracts. 

    Clive then realises that he can submit a bulk payment request, which means he invoices once a month for every time he cleaned Mohammed’s house.

    He still has to submit separate payment requests for each of his clients who are NDIS participants, but monthly submissions make things much quicker and easier

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  • Maraya's story

    The bookkeeper at Accessible Horizons is nominated as the person in charge of NDIS invoicing and reporting so she also sets up a PRODA account and links it to the organisation’s myplace profile.  Given the large number of NDIS participants they are providing support to, the bookkeeper decides to look into how they make monthly ‘Bulk Payment Requests’ through the myplace portal. Maraya tells her about a video tutorial in the Provider Toolkit which describes how to set this up, which the bookkeeper watches, as well as downloading the written instructions. 

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This section covers:

Completion time: 15 minutes

As an NDIS registered provider, you’ll be paid in line with the NDIS funding model, which is detailed in the Terms of Business and the NDIS Price Guide and Support Catalogue. The NDIS Price Guide and Support Catalogue are reviewed at least annually and it’s important you check the latest rates. The NDIA updates the Price Guide and Support Catalogue annually for 1 July implementation. However, on limited occasions, there are exceptional circumstances that warrant separate price reviews and updates. 

Each Service Agreement you have with a participant will also outline your agreed payment arrangements and amounts. How you’ll be paid by NDIS funded participants will vary depending on what type of plan they have:

  • For self-managing participants – once the agreed services or product have been delivered you’ll need to invoice them directly. Self-managing participants can also decide to pay more for your services than other NDIS participants – but you need to make this clear in your Service Agreement.
  • For participants who are Plan Management Provider managed or NDIA managed – once the agreed services or products have been delivered you’ll need to submit a Payment Request through the myplace Provider Portal. 

Each time you submit for payments through the myplace Provider Portal, you will need to include key details about the service such as participant name, their reference number, the dates of the support, support item reference number and item price. 

What to do if you have problems with payments

The provider Frequently Asked Questions feature some of the common questions and issues about payment and prices that providers usually have, such as how long you have to make a payment request, how long payments take and how the state and territory Price Guides work.
The Step by step guides contain useful information about using the myplace provider portal and making Bulk Payment Requests.
You should refer to these resources in the first instance. If you need further assistance, contact the NDIA by phone on 1800 800 110.