6.1 Making Payment Requests

To receive payment for services or supports for participants who are NDIA managed, providers are required to submit a Payment Request electronically through myplace.

To successfully claim it is important that you have the following information:

  • participant name

  • participant Reference Number (previously NDIS number)

  • dates of support

  • support Item Reference Number

  • support Item Price.

For detailed steps on making Payment Requests, please refer to the Using the myplace provider portal step by step guide (PDF) (DOC).

For participants who are Plan Manager managed participants, providers will send invoices to the participants Plan Manager, and once verified by the participant, the Plan Manager will submit a payment request and then pay the provider.

Participants who are self-managing their plan and related funding will be invoiced by and pay the provider directly. They should obtain a receipt from the provider in order to acquit their expenditure against their plan. Where required, these participants will receive advance payments from the scheme in order to pay providers.      


Last modified 15/11/2017