7.1 Measuring outcomes

As a registered provider, it is important to measure and report on participant outcomes. The NDIA may request certain information and reports from you in the course of you delivering supports and services to an NDIS participant.

7.1.1 Report for Participant Plan Reviews

Generally, each participant will work with the NDIA and its partners to review their plan every 12 months.

A plan review is an opportunity for participants to look at their progress and set new goals to increase their skills and independence. Through this process, providers may be requested to supply a report to the participant, demonstrating the outcomes achieved as a result of the provision of that support. This request should be in line with the terms of the Service Agreement with the participant.

It is expected that plan funding amounts will change and in some circumstances reduce over time as the participant achieves increased social and economic participation.

Last modified 8/08/2017