7.5 Keep your details updated

All registered providers are required to keep their details up to date via the myplace provider portal.

If there are any changes to your operations that may affect your service delivery or registration status as outlined in the NDIA’s Terms of Business (PDF) (DOC) you must notify the NDIA. For providers operating in all states except WA, you must contact the NDIS Commission for any registration issues.

As outlined in the Terms of Business, registered providers must notify the NDIA if they are in breach of any Commonwealth, state or territory law, including any Commonwealth, state or territory disability service standards, or if they become subject to any investigation for breach of a Commonwealth, state or territory law and/or quality and safeguard arrangements.

The NDIA can be contacted by:

  • Submitting an online contact form
  • Calling 1800 800 110 (8am to 11pm local times, Monday to Friday)
  • Speaking to an NDIS staff member at one of our NDIS offices

Last modified 2/07/2019


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