This page contains information for providers about service bookings only. For all other provider portal information and guides (including information about service bookings), please refer to the myplace provider portal — step by step guide (PDF) (DOC).

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This page shows you how to accept or reject a new service booking with a participant.

Note: New service bookings will have a status of ‘Awaiting Review’ and will need to be accepted to become active and enable service delivery and payment.

Step by step guidance

1. Select the Service Booking tile on the myplace home page.



The Service Booking page displays.


Screen shot of the new service bookings tile and the view service bookings tile


2. Select the View Service Bookings tile.

A list of your service bookings will be displayed. The service bookings are sorted by service booking number, with the most recent booking first.

3. Expand the Refine Search dropdown to view the bookings by ‘Status’.


Screen shot of the window that allows you to refine your service booking search


4. Click on the Status dropdown and select ‘Awaiting Review’; then click the Search button to display new service bookings awaiting review.


Screen shot of the window to search your service bookings by status


5. Select a Service Booking Number to view details of that booking.


Screen shot of the window that allows you to view the details of your service bookings


6. Review the service booking. If you decide to accept the service booking, select ‘Accept’ from the Decision dropdown under Record Review Decision and select Submit.


Screen shot of the window that allows you to accept a service booking


7. If you decide to reject the service booking, select a Reason for Rejection and select Submit.


Screen shot of the window that allows you to reject a service booking


8. If you select Other as the reason, you will need to provide a Rejection Explanation and select Submit.



Service booking changes notification

A daily summary of all service booking changes that have been made during the day is sent automatically to your Inbox overnight to help alert you to changes that require attention. Just filter your Inbox by ‘Changed Service Bookings’ and select your preferred format (HTML or PDF) to read the notification.



The notification summary of all service booking changes for all participants will be displayed.


Screen shot of the notification summary you receive about changes to service bookings

Last modified 20/08/2019