This page contains information for providers about service bookings only. For all other provider portal information and guides (including information about service bookings), please refer to the myplace provider portal — step by step guide (PDF) (DOC).

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This page shows you how to create a new service booking with a participant.

Step by step guidance

1. Select the Service Booking tile on the myplace home page.


The Service Booking page displays.


2. Select the New Service Bookings tile.

The Add service booking page opens.

Screen shot of the window to add a new service booking

3. Enter the participant’s Last Name, NDIS Number, Date of Birth and select Search.

The Service Booking Details section (Step 1) opens.

4. Select the Service Booking Type. The types available are:

  • Standard booking is available when funds are Agency managed. In most instances, the only option will be standard booking.
  • Plan managed is only available when a provider is managing participant funding, as specified in the plan. The plan manager provider must be registered to do this. To create a plan managed service booking, a standard service booking between the plan manager and participant must first exist. This standard service booking needs to include at least one item for financial intermediary supports.

Screen shot of the service bookings window allowing you to search by name, NDIS number and date of birth

5. Enter the start and end dates of the service booking. These dates cannot sit outside the date range of the plan.

6. Select Find Plan.

The Select Plan section (Step 2) opens.


7. Select the button of the plan you want to work with.

The Support Details section (Step 3) opens.

Screen shot of the service bookings support details window

8. Select the support category using the dropdown button for Support Budget.

9. Select the magnifying glass in the Item Number field. If you do not wish to record the Item Number, skip steps 10 and 11.

Note: The Item Number field (line item) is not mandatory unless the item is stated in the plan. Typically, an item is not stated but contact the participant to verify.

The list of support items opens.

10. Select the relevant Support Item Number.

Note: Only items which you are registered to provide will be displayed.

11. If the support relates to an in-kind program, select it in the in-kind program section.

Screen shot of the service bookings select in-kind program window

12. In the Support details section (Step 3), enter the allocated amount and the quantity as agreed with the participant then select Add.

Note: For time-based supports, you can either enter the total amount or the number of hours with an hourly rate. This will not impact payment requests.

Note: For in-kind program supports, the allocated amount is read only.

  • Select Reset to clear all your entries and selections.
  • If you need to add another support item, select Add.

Screen shot of the service bookings support details window

13. The support item added moves to the Added Details section.

  • If these details are incorrect, you can edit or remove the entry using the Action links.
  • When the details are correct, select Next to continue.

Screen shot of the service bookings support details window allowing you to edit details

14. Once you have selected Next to continue, the booking and item details display. To edit the details of the service booking, select Back.

15. Check the service booking is correct and when you are confident that everything is correct, add comments to the ‘Comments’ field to explain the booking.

16. Ensure the service booking is as agreed with the participant, then tick the mandatory declaration and select Submit.


Note: The service booking is automatically approved for the participant when it is created. The booking confirmation page displays.

17. Select View Service Bookings to go directly to the View Service Bookings page, which is described in the steps below or select myplace logo to return to the home page.

Last modified 20/08/2019