This page contains information for providers about service bookings only. For all other provider portal information and guides (including information about service bookings), please refer to the myplace provider portal — step by step guide (PDF) (DOC).

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This page shows you how to delete a service booking if, for example, you have created it in error.

Note: Service bookings can be deleted only if:

  • there is no payment requested created or saved against it
  • there is no accrual against it, and
  • no payments have been made.

Step by step guidance

1.Select the Service Booking tile on the myplace home page.



The Service Booking page displays.



2. Select the View Service Bookings tile.

A list of your service bookings will be displayed. The service bookings are sorted by service booking number, with the most recent booking first.

3. Select a Service Booking Number to view details of that booking.

Note: See View a service booking for help to refine your search options and expand and view the sorting options available on screen.



The details of the service booking display.



4. Select Delete.

A warning will be displayed to confirm that once you delete it, the service booking will be removed from your list of services bookings permanently and you will not be able to provide services or request payment if you proceed.

5. Select Yes.



An information message displays to confirm that the service booking has been deleted.


Last modified 20/08/2019