Your online guide to learning more about how to register and work as an NDIS provider.

Currently in roll out phase throughout Australia, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is changing the way disability services are funded – for the better. Registering to be an NDIS provider will open the door to many more rewarding opportunities as the market grows. 

We understand that the new registration and working arrangements can appear a bit daunting. So, to help all providers, the following learning activities will give you a high level view of the process of becoming an NDIS provider and working with participants. They’ll introduce you to the key concepts contained in the Provider Toolkit and direct you to important sections and documents. 

It should take less than two hours to read through all the activities (or you can put aside 15 minutes each day to go through one at a time). If you already have some experience with the NDIS, you may not need to read all the activities.

The eLearning Pathway

These learning activities mirror the structure of the Provider Toolkit. This structure links with the Provider Pathway, which maps the common steps providers take as they register and work with the NDIS, answering the key questions they have at each stage.

  1. How does the NDIS work?
  2. Am I ready to provide NDIS services?
  3. How do I register?
  4. How do I connect with NDIS participants?
  5. How do I work with NDIS participants?
    1. Create a service agreement
    2. Create a service booking
    3. Provide supports
    4. Track outcomes
    5. Close service booking (only if plan completed)
  6. How do I get paid?
  7. How do I measure outcomes and report?

Provider stories

At the beginning of each activity we have included three provider stories to illustrate the kinds of experiences different types of providers may have at each stage. 

There is a huge range of people and organisations who can register to provide disability support under the NDIS, so these examples are by no means exhaustive.


The case studies presented here only touch on key aspects faced at different stages of the provider pathway. For more detailed information on the full requirements for your specific situation, see the relevant materials in the Provider Toolkit.



Position : Business owner/practitioner

Organisation size : Sole trader

Disability experience : Low

Location : Newcastle 

Aims :

Claire wants to expand her practice to work with NDIS funded participants.


Clive's Commercial Cleaning

Position : Business owner

Organisation size : Small

Disability experience : None

Location : Melbourne 

Aims :

Clive wants to expand his commercial cleaning business to offer domestic cleaning services to support people with disability in their own homes.


Accessible Horizons

Position : Business Development Manager

Organisation size : Medium

Disability experience : High

Location : Cairns

Aims :

Accessible Horizons wants to provide their existing services under the NDIS, and expand the number and type of services offer.