This page contains information for providers about service bookings only. For all other provider portal information and guides (including information about service bookings), please refer to the myplace provider portal — step by step guide (PDF) (DOC).

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This page shows you how to end a service booking including immediate cancellation.

Note: You might need to end a service booking if you are unable to continue to deliver the service, or the participant asks you to stop delivering the service.

Step by step guidance

1. Select the Service Booking tile on the myplace home page.



The Service Booking page displays.



2. Select the View Service Bookings tile.

A list of your service bookings will be displayed. The service bookings are sorted by service booking number, with the most recent booking first.

3. Select a Service Booking Number to view details of that booking.

Note: See View a service booking for help to refine your search options and expand and view the sorting options available on screen.



The details of the service booking display.



4. Select Update End Date.

The End Service Booking screen displays.



5. At Service Booking End Date, enter the end date for the service booking and the reason for the change (e.g. to support participant choice, some provider choice, and some both).

Note: If you want to change a service booking end date to be later than its current end date, the participant is required to accept the change. You must check the ‘declaration’ at the bottom of the screen to indicate that you have discussed the change with the participant and that you are authorised by them to confirm the new end date.

  • At Reason for Change, select from the dropdown list. Some reasons are there to support participant choice, some provider choice, and some both.

  • Enter the value of services delivered where a payment request has not yet been submitted at Accrual for pending payment requests. This is to ensure sufficient funds are retained against the service booking to pay for all services delivered.

  • Tick the box at the Declaration. This is a compulsory field and the onus is on you, as the provider, to have discussed and gained consent from the participant to end the service booking.

6. Select Submit.



A warning will be displayed that following the update, Quantity, Allocated Amount (Unit Price) and End Date cannot be changed.



7. Select Yes.

Last modified 20/08/2019