Example documents 

Easy English guide to Service Agreements (PDF) (DOC): a document that can be used to help explain to participants what is involved in making a Service Agreement.

Model Service Agreement (PDF) (DOC): an example of the format and content for Service Agreement between a provider and participants. 

Documentation by support type (PDF) (DOC): guidelines for the minimum identifying information required for all claim documentation.

Example support log (PDF) (DOC): example of how to set up a simple group roster form for group activities involving NDIS participants. 

Example group roster (PDF) (DOC): example of how to set up a simple support log form for each NDIS participant.

Provider Readiness Checklist (PDF) (DOC): a tool for providers to use when getting ready to work with the NDIS.

Provider Registration Checklist (PDF) (DOC): a tool for providers to use when going through the NDIS registration process.



Last modified 7/02/2018