Specialist Disability Accommodation Provider and Investor Brief now available


The NDIA has released a Provider and Investor Brief to support the development of the Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) sector.

Provider Forum presentations now online


Over 2,000 providers attended nine provider forum events over six weeks in all capital cities and Townsville during February and March 2018. The presentations from the forums are now available on the NDIS website.

Changes for providers of employment supports


Providers of employment supports seeking registration with the NDIS should be aware of updated Commonwealth certification requirements. Existing Commonwealth providers can submit a current contract as evidence of approval for NDIS registration. New providers must submit a contract with a certifying body for certification against certain disability standards. They should also read the relevant jurisdictional section of the Provider Registration Guide To Suitability to confirm requirements.

Changes to School Leaver Employment Supports Claiming


Changes have been made to the way that providers can make claims for School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES). The full annualised funding amount (or pro rata for plans less than 12 months) and any applicable SLES extension as agreed by the agency can only be claimed under certain circumstances.

Change of Australian Business Number


If your ABN is changing, the NDIA can now work with you to determine if this can be updated on your provider record. You will need to provide information about your new organisation including ABN, organisation structure, legal and trading names, and the date of effect of the new ABN. To find out more you can review the updated information in Section 3.4.2 of the Provider Toolkit

Participant plan indexation


All participant plans with an end date after 1 July 2017 have now been indexed in line with the new 2017-18 price guide. As in previous years, new service bookings have been automatically created to adjust plan values in myplace to match the new price caps. Any existing service bookings have been ended to align with the start date of the new service booking.

"View Plan" portal update


On December 2nd, the Agency introduced a system update which allowed participants to choose to share parts of their plan with providers, plan managers and support co-ordinators. As part of this system update, the Agency sent a letter to providers to advise if they did or did not have consent to view parts of participant’s plan.

What is different about the new Toolkit?


The new Provider Toolkit is an accessible online resource. It also contains interactive eLearning activities to help providers, and potential providers, test their understanding of key concepts and assess whether they are ready to register and work with the NDIS. Click on the link above to learn more about the key changes in the new Toolkit.