Important 1 March 2019 deadline for providers operating in Victoria, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory


The NDIS Commission will be responsible for provider registration in Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and the Northern Territory (NT) from 1 July 2019. The NDIA is working with the NDIS Commission to ensure a smooth transition for providers currently registered with the NDIA.

The NDIA will continue to receive all new registration group applications for providers in Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, the ACT and the NT until 30 June 2019 through the NDIS myplace provider portal. However, providers need to be aware that the registration groups listed below also require approval by state governments, in accordance with their respective quality and safeguard standards, before the NDIA is able to finalise the registration request.

From 1 March 2019, the Victorian, Tasmanian and ACT governments have advised they will no longer assess the following registration groups against their quality and safeguard standards:
• Assist-Life Stage, Transition
• Assist Personal Activities
• Personal Activities High
• Behaviour Support
• Daily Tasks/Shared Living
• Development-Life Skills
• Group/Centre Activities
• Participate Community
• Plan Management
• Support Co-ordination
• Early Childhood Supports
• Therapeutic Supports (Tasmania and ACT providers only)
• Accommodation / Tenancy (ACT providers only)
• Assist Access/Maintain Employment (ACT providers only)
• Specialised Supported Employment (ACT providers only)

Providers planning to apply for these registration groups in Vic, Tas and the ACT must begin the process with their relevant state or territory government before 1 March 2019. Further information about how to contact your state or territory government is available on the NDIS website.

If providers in Victoria, Tasmania and the ACT apply after 1 March 2019 to begin the first step to gain state approval, the Victorian, Tasmanian and ACT state governments have advised the NDIA that they will be unable to provide state approval. Without this approval, the NDIA will be unable to progress the application further.

Portal improvements making it easier to understand error messages


Improvements have been made to the myplace provider portal, to include a number of system messages that explain errors.

Should there be an error when providers are entering information into the portal, a system message or error code will appear providing a clear description about the error, how to solve it or where to access more help.

By making this information more readily available, the NDIA is continuing to improve the experience for providers.

A number of system messages and error codes have been improved, with more to come over the coming months.

Further information about all the system messages and error codes, along with step by step guides for using the portal, is available in the Provider Toolkit.

Service booking step by step guide now easier to access


The NDIA is making it easier for providers to access information about how to use online services for NDIS activities – with a new section on the Provider Toolkit dedicated to the service booking process. Until now, service booking information has been part of the extensive myplace provider portal step-by-step guide online PDF.

A new section dedicated to the service booking process is now available on the Provider Toolkit and includes:
• Setting up a service booking
• Creating, editing, finding, sorting, reporting and deleting service bookings
• Setting up preferences for the frequency of communication on service booking changes.

Over coming months, the NDIA will progressively improve access to the Provider Toolkit step by step guide information to make it easier for providers to use NDIS online services. If you would like to provide feedback about this improvement, please email [at]

Annual Price Review updates to the FAQ page


Minor updates have been made to the 'Adjustment of plan values to Annual Price Review - July 2018' section of the provider toolkit FAQs in line with 2018/19 Price Guide updates and recommendations from the Independent Pricing Review.

Updates include information regarding:

  • changes to service bookings
  • indexation considerations
  • service agreement negotiations

Updated resources in the ‘Step by Step Guides’ section


There have been several changes made to the downloadable provider portal step by step guide, provider portal system messages and error codes, and bulk payment request instructions documents.

These documents have been updated in line with:

Updated Provider Registration Guide to Suitability


The ‘NDIS Provider Registration Guide to Suitability’ has been updated in line with the commencement of the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission (NDIS Commission) and rollout of the NDIS in Western Australia (WA) from 1 July, 2018. A detailed article highlighting key changes to the Guide can be found in the Hot Topics section of the provider toolkit, and the updated version is now available in Section 2.7 Meeting Quality and Safeguards Requirements.

Change of Australian Business Number


If your ABN is changing, the NDIA can now work with you to determine if this can be updated on your provider record. You will need to provide information about your new organisation including ABN, organisation structure, legal and trading names, and the date of effect of the new ABN. To find out more you can review the updated information in Section 3.4.2 of the Provider Toolkit.

Participant plan indexation


All participant plans with an end date after 1 July 2017 have now been indexed in line with the new 2017-18 price guide. As in previous years, new service bookings have been automatically created to adjust plan values in myplace to match the new price caps. Any existing service bookings have been ended to align with the start date of the new service booking.

"View Plan" portal update


On December 2nd, the Agency introduced a system update which allowed participants to choose to share parts of their plan with providers, plan managers and support co-ordinators. As part of this system update, the Agency sent a letter to providers to advise if they did or did not have consent to view parts of participant’s plan.

What is different about the new Toolkit?


The new Provider Toolkit is an accessible online resource. It also contains interactive eLearning activities to help providers, and potential providers, test their understanding of key concepts and assess whether they are ready to register and work with the NDIS. Click on the link above to learn more about the key changes in the new Toolkit.