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About service bookings

A service booking details the support/s that you will provide to a participant under the service agreement. Both you and the participant will need to agree to the service. A service booking must be in place before you can be paid for a service.

Service bookings can also be created by participants, their nominee, or their plan manager. A participant may also be helped by an Agency representative to complete a service booking.

Note: Prior to providing services to a participant, you need to ensure there is a service agreement (not held in the NDIS system) between you and the participant.

Important points to remember

  • The dates of the service booking must be within the participant’s current plan.
  • If the dates of your service booking do not cover the whole plan duration, you can create additional service bookings, or extend it to cover the plan. The dates of the service bookings (with the same support category) cannot overlap. Plan Managers should create their service bookings for the duration of the plan.
  • End dates of service bookings that are about to expire, and that share the same end date as the plan they belong to, will be extended using the 28-day plan auto-extension feature. Note that some service booking supports cannot be auto extended. The auto-extension feature, where it has been applied, will allow you to discuss the range of services participants might need during the 28-day extension period.
  • A service booking must have at least one support category (displayed as Support Budget) included.
  • You can have multiple support categories within one service booking.
  • You can have additional service bookings for the participant for other support categories.

Note: The Item Number field (line item) is not mandatory unless the item is stated in the plan.

Last modified 7/10/2019