New "View Plan" portal function

On December 2nd, the Agency introduced a system update which allowed participants to choose to share parts of their plan with providers, plan managers and support co-ordinators.
 As part of this system update, the Agency sent a letter to providers to advise if they did or did not have consent to view parts of participant’s plan. The participant’s consent to share their plan with all providers was pre-set to ‘no’ as a default, so the letters will say ‘consent withdrawn’ for participants who have not chosen to turn on this functionality.

In future, providers will only be informed when a participant’s share plan preferences are either changed or a participant creates a service booking with a new provider they have not used before.

The new “View Plan” function in myplace allows providers to see a participant’s plan where consent has been given by the participant, or nominee to share parts of their plan. Consent to view the plan information can only be given to providers with whom the participant has a service booking. Providers will automatically be notified that a participant has given consent to view parts of their plan via an electronic letter in the provider myplace portal. When working with participants, this function is known to them as “Share My Plan”. The step by step guide (DOC) (PDF) to using the myplace portal has been updated to reflect this new function.

The following section has been updated: