This page contains information for providers about service bookings only. For all other provider portal information and guides (including information about service bookings), please refer to the myplace provider portal — step by step guide (PDF) (DOC).

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This page shows you how to view a service booking with a participant.

Note: Service bookings can also be created by participants, their nominee, an Agency representative or their plan manager. You can access all service bookings using the steps below.

Step by step guidance

1. Select the Service Booking tile on the myplace home page.


The Service Booking page displays.


Screen shot of the new service bookings tile and the view service bookings tile


2. Select the View Service Bookings tile.

A list of your service bookings will be displayed. The service bookings are sorted by service booking number, with the most recent booking first.

3. Select a Service Booking Number to view details of that booking.


Screen shot of the window to select a service booking from your search results


Note: Only 10 results are listed on screen together. Use the ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ buttons at the bottom of the screen to navigate forwards and backwards through lists that have more than 10 entries.

Tip: You may need whenever you make a new selection to re-select Refine Search (beside the Search button) to expand and view the sorting options available on screen.

4. You can search the list of service bookings two ways:

  1. By entering a participant’s name or NDIS number, or service booking number; then click the Search button.
  2. By selecting from the ‘Initiated By’ or ‘Status’ dropdowns; then click the Search button.
  • ‘Initiated By’ allows you to view and sort the service bookings by the party that initiated the booking — by All, Participant, Provider or Staff.
  • ‘Status’ allows you to view and sort the service bookings by one of the following:
    • Active — The service booking has passed validation and been accepted by the participant and provider. It is currently within the dates where service delivery may occur and can have payment requests made against it.
    • Inactive — The service booking passed validation and was accepted by both participant and provider, but it has now expired (past the date of service delivery). It can have payment requests made against it if the date of service delivery falls within the original service booking dates.
    • Awaiting Participant Review — The participant needs to review the new service booking. If the participant does not have access to their myplace portal to review the service booking, you should contact the Agency.
    • Awaiting Review — The provider needs to review the service booking and either accept or reject it (refer to Accept or reject a new service booking for further details).
    • Review Change — The service booking has been modified by the participant or Agency. You need to accept the change to make the service booking active or reject the change to keep the service booking as it was (refer to Accept or reject a new service booking for further details).
    • Rejected — Either the participant or provider did not accept updates to the service booking. No payment requests can be made against it.

5. You can then sort the list of Search Results by the column titles; just make your selection from the options in the ‘Sort By’ dropdown to view all service bookings by:

  • Service Booking Number
  • Service Booking Start Date
  • Service Booking End Date
  • Submitted Date
  • Service Booking Status
  • Initiated By.


6. Select a Service Booking Number to view details of that booking.


The details of the service booking display.

7. Select Back to return to the previous page.

Last modified 20/08/2019